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Why is splunk not ingesting my .zip files?


I've ingested csv's contained in .zip archives in the past. Something has happened in the past few days that has stopped my forwarder from processing these however. Maybe it's the way I'm writing my batch stanza, just not sure.

I used to simply use a stanza like this to ingest the zips:

But now it's not working. Is there some way I can troubleshoot why this is (isn't) happening?

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Re: Why is splunk not ingesting my .zip files?

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I'd start by looking at splunkd.log on the respective forwarder. See if the stanza get's loaded at start (it should mention it adds a watch on the specified folder). See if there are any errors related to this input.

Did you create a new batch stanza similar to what you had before, that is now not working. Or did a working input stop working a few days ago?

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