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Why is host=myhost giving no results?


Sorry for the complete noob question. But I have had this splunk project dropped on me and I need to spin up fast.

I have added a monitor on "myhost" like so:

[root@myhost bin]# pwd
[root@myhost bin]# ./splunk add monitor /var/log/foo/
Your session is invalid.  Please login.
Splunk username: admin
Added monitor of '/var/log/foo'.

That was yesterday.

I executed a script that writes data to a log file that is in the /var/log/foo directory on myhost.
But when I execute this search host=myhost I get zero results.

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Splunk configures index = default when you add new monitor. And default index is not created in indexer servers. So you need to specify index and sourcetype for your monitor. Edit /apps/splunkforwarder/etc/apps/search/local/inputs.conf and add index and sourcetype like below. Restart splunk forwarder and check data in index=main sourcetype=foo.

index = main
sourcetype = foo

As @woodcock suggested. Instead of updating splunk internal search app it is better to put inputs.conf in your own add-on and deploy it. Move /apps/splunkforwarder/etc/apps/search/local/inputs.conf file to /apps/splunkforwarder/etc/apps/fwd-2-dev-indexers/default/ and restart splunk forwarder.


Here is an update to my original post. Here are the locations of the inputs.conf and outputs.conf file I have on "myhost":

[root@myhost splunkforwarder]# pwd
[root@myhost splunkforwarder]# find . -name inputs.conf
[root@myhost splunkforwarder]# find . -name outputs.conf
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Never use the CLI for this. Create a $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/varlog_inputs/default/inputs.conf file like this:


Thanks for the reply. But I do not seem to have the varlog_input directory on my server:

[root@myhost etc]# pwd
[root@myhost etc]# ls -l | grep varlog
[root@myhost etc]#
[root@myhost etc]# env | grep -i SPLUNK_HOME
[root@myhost etc]#
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Yes, you will be creating a custom app called anything that you like. I made up varlog_inputs.

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Since you didnt specify an index, splunk will, by default, place your data in the 'main' index. The server would check in under its hostname/ip address so you could this in your host= parameter.

So you could try index=main host=<myhost> or <ipdress>

If you want to find out the hsotname of the forwarder: ./splunk show default-hostname
then pass this hostname in your search: index=main host=<output_of_above_command>

Best practice is to simply create an inputs.conf file either under /system/local or /etc/apps//local and monitor files that way assuming you have configured the outputs.conf to send data to the indexers (unless standalone-all-in-one box).


Thanks for the reply!

Here's what I tried:

[root@myhost bin]# ./splunk show default-hostname
Default hostname for data inputs: myhost.

Then I tried this search:

index=main host=myhost

But I still got no results.

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@iiooiiooiioo cheeck if your forwarder (myhost) are actually sending data at all to the _internal index.

index=_internal host=myhost

ALternatively, check to see if the main index has ANY data :
| eventcount summarize=false index=* OR index=_*

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