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Why are Credentials not working for splunk universal forwarder agent

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Hi All,

  I have installed splunk universal forwarder on linux instance. Version is 8.2.4. I have created admin account as well through ansible play.  I am passing username and password through ansible command line, creating user-seed.conf file and copying the username and password here.

This way :

- name: Copy Contents to user-seed.conf file
      dest: /opt/splunkforwarder/etc/system/local/user-seed.conf
      content: |
           USERNAME = "{{ username }}"
           PASSWORD = "{{ password }}"

user-seed.conf file is getting created successfully. I am starting splunk UF through ansible play later . So, user seed.conf file gets deleted and passwd file is getting created successfully.

But when I try to run command ./splunk list forward-server, it asks me for username and password. I gave same credentials what I gave through ansible command line. But login is getting failed.

I am not understanding what is going wrong. Please help me 

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