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hi all,

I need to upgrade the universal forwarder on a windows server. 

1. Can I just download the latest version of the universal forwarder and run it on top of the current installation or would it be better to uninstall the current first? 

2.Is there a way to initiate an upgrade from the current version?

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Hi @verifi81 ,

Version of Universal Forwarders depends on the version of the Indexer that has to receive data:

Indexer version must be equal or higher than Universal Forwarder.

You can upgrade UF only copying and running the setup on the target server, putting attention to the version of the upgrade and to the architecture (32/64 bit).

If you uninstall the previous, you have to repeat the configuration steps, if instead you over install it, you take all the old configurations, so it's better!

What do you mean with "Is there a way to initiate an upgrade from the current version?"?



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