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To change data model location and cache manager location

To change the default data model location and cache manager location( smart store enabled) on an indexer  I see we have 2 options. 

1) Updating splunk-launch.conf with SPLUNK_DB =<custom file system where hot-buckets are stored > (/splunkdata/data/internal)
2) Updating path of stanza volume:_splunk_summaries
> SPLUNK_HOME/etc/slave-apps/_cluster/local/indexes.conf
path = /splunkdata/data/internal
> SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/default/indexes.conf
path = $SPLUNK_DB

Do we have to change in both splunk-launch.conf and indexes.conf, If we have an update only one of the above options what is recommended way also what are pros and cons for updating one of them .

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It's been my experience that most customers leave $SPLUNK_DB commented out in splunk-launch.conf and let the index locations be specified by index.conf files.

When you change the default location you are also changing the expected location of existing indexes and/or summaries.  Therefore, it's important to move the existing files to the new location.  The sequence is:

  1. Edit indexes .conf
  2. Run btool check to check the config files
  3. Stop the indexer
  4. Move files from the old location to the new one
  5. Start the indexer
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