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Splunk add on for Citrix Netscaler


Do I need dedicated syslog server to get syslog messages and then forward it using Universal Forwarder??Considering I've installed on Splunk add on for Netscaler over a HF. If this is to be then what is significance of having add on over UF.


Can I directly listen on heavy forwarder over a port 514 to get messages.Considering I've installed on Splunk add on for Netscaler over a HF.


Can I manage any configuration regarding this add on using Deployment Server?? Like managing which inputs to be monitored and all.

PS: I'm new with Netscaler

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I have a heavy forwarder which receives netscaler logs through syslog using port 514

then with inputs and outputs I forward the information to the indexers.

those apps are sometimes a headache about the configuration

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I've two netscaler appliances and don't have knowledge yet how heavily those would generate logs.

Is it ok if I go with 2nd option, to listen directly over HF for syslog messages and having splunk add on in place? Will this work fine...?

Or  should I get another server as a syslog server and having UF over it. Would I need this add on anymore on this dedicated syslog server.

PS: Having dedicated syslog server would increase costing and maintenance as well.


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