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How to pre-process input to macro before searching in base search?

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We have a wonderful set of end-users who can enter dates in various formats.

Data sample is like


reportName="finance" team="financeTeam" reportDate="2020-08-20"
reportName="finance" team="financeTeam" reportDate="2020-08-22"


The macro wanted to return the dataset for a specific date and expectation was user to enter




but some users, enter it as `getmyReport(today)` and my challenge is to ensure such weird inputs are tackled before it hits the search engine and to do directly in the raw data

So is there a way, i can do a pre-processing of my inputs before I pass it to the raw search?

the basic trial i've done is


| eval reportDate=if(reportDate="2020*",reportDate,strftime(now(),"%F")
| search (earliest=-7d index=xyz reportDate=$reportDate$)


but the above doesn't work.

The SECOND option I've within the macro outside the base search


| eval reportDate=if(reportDate="2020*",reportDate,strvtime(now(),"%F")
| search (reportDate=$reportDate$)


This SECOND option works, But somehow I feel the second option is performance wise poor (or will Splunk automatically optimise for Splunk 6.5x onwards?)

Is there a better option to pre-process macro variables before searching within _raw dataset?

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Maybe the easiest way is to use the input validation part of macro and require that your users enter a correctly formatted input to your macro?

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