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Splunk HF to send both SSL and Not SSL to Indexer Cluster

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Hi Splunkers,

I have some HF configured to send data over SSL to one indexer;

As I am about to configure a second indexer, I was wondering if it is possible to load-balance data from HF to:

  • IDX1 over SSL
  • IDX2 without SSL

And have outputs.conf configured such as:

defaultGroup = default-autolb-group


server = idx1:1234,idx2:5678


where 1234 is the SSL port, and 5678 the standard one, without SSL.

and on indexer side, we would have for inputs.conf


connection_host = dns


connection_host = dns


Do you think this could work?

Thanks !

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If you're required to ingest multiple data sources where some are encrypted and some are not, then you can send them to the Heavy Forwarder in their current state and then forward to the indexer cluster via SSL certificates only from the Heavy Forwarder to the Indexer Cluster. This will allow SSl and non-SSL transactions from the data sources to the Heavy Forwarder.

Not 100% sure if this is what you're looking for but this is the only method I would recommend involving SSL and non-SSL data sources. As Rich said, all the indexers should have the same configuration for things to run properly.

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First, why would you want to protect communications to one indexer, but not the other one?  The same data is going to both places so if it's worth protecting on one path it should be worth protecting on all paths.

Second, indexers in a cluster should have the same configuration.  Put that configuration on the CM and push it to all indexers.  To do otherwise is to invite trouble later.

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