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Splunk App For Infrastructure VMware vSphere

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I'm trying to add VMware vSphere data using the Splunk app for infrastructure. When I try to, all I get is an alert "You have to install the Splunk VMware Add-on for ITSI and its components before you start collecting VMware data." I'm unclear on how to get around this issue since I have installed the necessary components. According to documentation
I need to install ITSI, which I have, and install SA-VMWIndex, Splunk_TA_esxilogs, and Splunk_TA_vcenter, which are all components inside of the vmware_ta_itsi parent directory that is a part of the ITSI install. I made sure the components within vmware_ta_itsi were also in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/ like the documentation says they should be.

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