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Question About SPL for SplunkD Shutdown


Hi all, I am new to Splunk and am trying to look for logs that indicate that the SplunkD service shutdown. I am trying this, but I am not sure if there's a better one:





index=_internal sourcetype="splunkd" keywords "*shut"




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That query is close.  Try this

index=_internal sourcetype="splunkd" source=*splunkd.log "shut*"

You also could try searching for component=shutdown

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i would go with this event in splunkd.log:

"IndexProcessor [5762669 MainThread] - request state change from=RUN to=SHUTDOWN_SIGNALED"

this is triggering Splunk to shutdown.. 

last events at shutdown looks like this:

10-28-2022 16:35:56.890 +0100 INFO  Shutdown [5763136 Shutdown] - shutting down level="ShutdownLevel_Duo2FAHttpClient"
10-28-2022 16:35:56.890 +0100 INFO  Shutdown [5763136 Shutdown] - shutting down level="ShutdownLevel_S3ConnectionPoolManager"
10-28-2022 16:35:56.891 +0100 INFO  Shutdown [5763136 Shutdown] - shutting down level="ShutdownLevel_WorkloadManager"
10-28-2022 16:35:56.894 +0100 INFO  loader [5762669 MainThread] - All pipelines finished

meaning shutdown could be measured with this:

index=_internal sourcetype="splunkd" source=*splunkd.log  (request state change from=RUN to=SHUTDOWN_SIGNALED) OR (Shutdown shutting down level=*) | transaction startswith=SHUTDOWN_SIGNALED | table _time duration


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