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Python script to upgrade forwarder



Please give me the python script to upgrade rpm file of forwarder.

Steps to upgrade

1) Get the rpm file from Splunk site and place it in tmp location

2) Take the backup of apps folder ----- cd /opt/splunkforwarder/etc

3) cp -rf apps /tmp

4) copy the rpm file to opt location
Cp -rf splunk.rpm /opt

5) Stop splunk service
Cd /etc/init.d
./splunk stop

6) upgrade file in cd /opt
rpm -Uvh splunk.rpm

7) start splunk
Cd /etc/init.d
./splunk start

8)Go to cd /opt/splunk/bin
./splunk version

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There is a sample shell script provided by SPLUNK. You can modify it based on your requirement.

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