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Is it possible to configure SSL encryption between a universal forwarder and Splunk Sandbox?

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Hi Splunk Guys!

Is it possible to configure SSL encryption between Universal forwarder and Splunk Sandbox? Or Splunk Sandbox is a trial version and do not support SSL encryption?

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Recently we secured all data inputs with a unique SSL certificate and key for each instance and that is now the default configuration.

After logging into your instance, click on the "Universal Forwarder" app from the launcher page.
From the subsequent page you can download the app and follow the instructions to install it into a universal forwarder.

The forwarder will then automatically connect to your instance using an encrypted AND authenticated connection.

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So in sandbox I don't have to setup any security detail (certificates), is that it?

Does the same applies to Splunk Cloud? Does self signed certificate is used for enterprise only?


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