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REST endpoint for modifying $app/local/macros.conf

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I'd like to have my app not clobber other people's index names, or to be able to reference an existing (but I don't know what index search)

I thought that I could, in my app's setup.xml, prompt the user for the desired index name.

But then, how do I get my saved search or view or dashboard to reference the value the user entered?

I created a macro in $app/etc/default/macros.conf, defining:

     definition = index=foo

and in the app, I can define my searches referencing `appindex` therestofthequery and everything works fine.

I can get setup.xml to prompt for the desired index name, but I can't find the REST endpoint that will put the definition in $app/local/macros.conf

Is there another way to do this?


Re: REST endpoint for modifying $app/local/macros.conf

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The link below will have the answer in the question.

With the Python SDK, you can access it even easier:

from splunklib.client import connect
service = connect(username="admin", password="changeme", host="myhost", app="search")
# To update a macro named "test" in the search app'properties/macros/test', definition="test123")

# To read a macro named "test" in the search app
print service.get('properties/macros/test/definition')["body"]

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Re: REST endpoint for modifying $app/local/macros.conf


Looking at the urls that come back with Settings > (Knowledge) Advanced Search > Search macros. It looks like those are controlled through the /servicesNS/(usercontext)/(appcontext)/admin/macros endpoint and children endpoints. Wiring it up isn't something I've done yet, but this might help... check out |rest /servicesNS/-/-/admin/macros for example.