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Is it possible to anonymize/mask the data being sent from AIX servers to the Splunk Enterprise 6.6.1?

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We have installed and configured Splunk Universal forwarder 6.6.1 on AIX server. It is working fine and I am able to see the logs in Splunk Enterprise 6.6.1. However the splunk universal forwarder is not anonymizing/masking the data before forwarding it to the indexer when we use regex/sed. Even tried with masking the data at indexer level but no luck.

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it's not possible in Splunk anonimize data on Forwarders, data mask is performed at index time on indexers (see )
the only way to mask data on forwarders (but it isn't easy) is to pre-parse logs using a script, I don't suggest to do this!

Anyway to do this follow this example (with example regexes):

on props.conf

TRANSFORMS-anonymize = session-anonymizer, ticket-anonymizer

on transforms.conf

REGEX = (?m)^(.*)SessionId=\w+(\w{4}[&"].*)$
FORMAT = $1SessionId=########$2
DEST_KEY = _raw
REGEX = (?m)^(.*)Ticket=\w+(\w{4}&.*)$
FORMAT = $1Ticket=########$2
DEST_KEY = _raw


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Universal forwarders do not mask data, but your indexers should. If it's not working then there's probably a setting that needs to be changed. Please share the appropriate props.conf and transforms.conf stanzas along with a sample event (please scrub proprietary data).

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Thanks for your quick reply ric:

Sample Log Event: 99xxxxxx0

SEDCMD-ssn = s/\d{5}(\d{4})/xxx-xx-\1/g

Nothing was added to transforms.conf

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