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Inputs.conf Not Picking Up What I expect


I am trying to pull in a several log files that are always being updated from a folder on Windows. Here is my inputs.conf


But the results in splunk only show one file ignoring all the other ones. Any idea why Splunk is not gathering the other log files in the directory? Did I miss something in the stanza I needed?

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" * " doesn't work as expected in windows

This should work


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That is not exactly true, you just need to 'know' what to expect. If you want to get dizzy you can read the rules:

My guess is that splunk is treating \* as regex not a * wildcard. Regardless, I believe the example in the doc says that \* does not work in Windows; you should expect it to fail.

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This script will help you in determining what status Splunk has for your monitor inputs:

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You should post your monitor string as code (select the 101010 format option at the top).
Escape characters are important in a monitor string.

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Would it be possible for you to tell the filenames present in the folder?

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