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How to search the total sum of numerical values from a field in my events and visualize results in a pie chart?

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I am a new user to Splunk Light and I am having trouble with the visualization of event data. I have a .CSV sourcetype that does not have relevant time data, but has fields relating to total number of machines within certain security policies. I would like to find out the total sum of all machines found with my search and output the results in a pie chart. Is there a way to accumulate that information into a report for my dashboard?

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Like this:

|inputcsv MyFile.csv | stats dc(MachineNameField) by SecurityPolicyField

Then click on the Visualization tab and select Pie.

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I don't know splunk light but I'd be surprised if it couldn't do what you want. The trouble is I'm not sure I understand what you want... Can you post some examples of data and explain again what you want to achieve?

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