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How to optimize view of a line chart in Splunk?

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Hi Everyone, I'm working on a Splunk dashboard visualisation using a line chart, and I span the data for every 1week.But the line is not consistent if there is no data and I see dots scattered here and there. Is there a way to optimise this view. Attached is the screenshot. Thanks

Screenshot 2022-02-17 at 2.13.32 PM.png


index = "abc" Environment = $environment$  ProcessName=*$task$* LogType = "*" TaskName =*  |bucket span=1w _time

|stats count(eval(LogMessage = "errorneously")) as Failed_Count, count(eval(LogMessage = "execution")) as Success_Count ,count(eval(LogMessage = "execution2")) as Success_Count1 by _time

|eval tot_count= Failed_Count + Success_Count + Success_Count1|eval scount=Success_Count + Success_Count1

| eval succ_per=round((scount/tot_count)*100,0)

|timechart span=1w avg(succ_per)




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Set the format to zeroes





you could try makecontinuous and fillnull to stretch and fill those with some defaults.

r. Ismo

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