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How to integrate SNMP data sources into Splunk Enterprise?


Does anyone have suggestions on integrating a SNMP enabled device into Splunk Enterprise?  I'm very new to Splunk and have been asked to integrate an SNMP enabled device into our Splunk Enterprise.  I think I need to somehow link a Forwarder to the device and have the Forwarder act as a receiver of device's information.  Once that data is in the Forwarder, I think it should be processed by an associated Indexer and then it should be available within Splunk.  Is that correct or do I misunderstand?

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There are several ready-made apps on splunkbase for polling data with SNMP. You could try one of these.

You can also simply try wrapping simple snmpget/snmpwalk from snmp tools into some kind of script, call it from cron and save results to a file. Then you can easily ingest the data from file.

In case of SNMP traps I think it's easiest to just run snmptrapd and ingest its logs.

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