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How to get twitter API id and access token to develop application of Twitter?

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Hi everybody,
This is Savita T. I am working with splunk, and want to develop applications on Twitter.
Therefore, anybody can tell me how to get API id and API secret in Twitter.

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  1. Login to your Twitter account (You can sign up if you don't have any).
  2. Visit
  3. Plot the Application Details. If you have no valid Website or Callback URL, just plot them with any URL starting with https://
  4. Click Create Your Twitter Application
  5. Navigate to the Keys and Access Tokens tab on the top of the screen
  6. Click Create my access token

The last step will create a new section called "Your Access Token".

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hi ,
go to twitter :“” > “Sign in / up” > select “Create App”.

there , you have to add appName, Description, Website. if you dont have website, give a sample website name , example:
call back URL is optional.
you can get api key, api secret values.
again in that page you have to click one more button "create access token", then you will get access token and access token secrets as well.

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okay thank you..

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Splunk Employee

Seems to me this would be better to ask on a forum or resource around Twitter, not around Splunk.

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