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How to forward all indexed data from all indexes from heavy forwarder to another instance over ssl?

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I am using Splunk Free, and the Splunk add-on for AWS, attempting to index and forward generic s3 data with a custom index name to a Splunk Enterprise instance. It looks like data is being indexed, and the ssl connection is connecting, but not forwarding data. I have indexed data that shows in the web client. I am getting the following repeated output in splunkd.log

05-21-2020 10:23:16.119 -0400 INFO TcpOutputProc - Found currently active indexer. Connected to idx=ip:9998, reuse=1.
05-21-2020 10:23:25.150 -0400 INFO LMStackMgr - license_warnings_update_interval=auto has reached the minimum threshold 10. Will not reduce license_warnings_update_interval beyond this value

In outputs.conf to account for sending all indexes I used 'forwardedindex.0.whitelist = .*'

host = hostname

defaultGroup = default-autolb-group
indexAndForward = true
disabled = false
forwardedindex.0.whitelist = .*

compressed = true
server = ip:9998
clientCert = /opt/splunk/etc/auth/server.pem
sslPassword = passwordHere
sslRootCAPath = /opt/splunk/etc/auth/ca.pem
sslVerifyServerCert = false
sendCookedData = true

What is the required change in my forwarder configuration?

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