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How to configure different timezones requirement for different apps , running on same server such that same user has access to multiple apps?

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Hi ,
We are working on a clustered environment, having multiple apps all running on default server timezone (Europe/London). Each app has respective user roles defined. And we fetch data from MQs and databases in UTC zone. In one of the apps, we need to show all dashboard panels with time fields as per America/NewYork.
Since there are multiple users who login , also these users who have multiple roles (of various apps ) assigned to them , we are facing issues to achieve this.

I have tried below options but nothing seems to work.

  1. Setting Time-zone Role wise, as per the sample provided in the link below,
    Even though we set time-zone at role level, since for a user, time-zone parameter is set to default ( i.e., server time-zone), this causes role level time zone to be overridden by user level time zone.

  2. Changing time zone at user level is tedious as every-time user switches between the app, he needs to change the timezone setting.

  3. Adding the difference offset to time field during display on dashboard using eval. Not recommended as during daylight saving offset varies.

Please do suggest if there is any alternative to achieve app level timezone?

Thanks in advance !

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It seems like you are going to have to go with option 3.

Ideally, you could write this as an app-level macro, so you only have to do the generic daylight savings time coding once, and then propagate the code to each app with the required localization.

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Hi DalJeanis,

Thanks for the suggestion. We were trying to go with option 3 , but the problem is that daylight start and end date is different for various countries. Due to this the offset too varies. We were looking for something more generic and simple in order to avoid performance issues.

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