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How to configure Splunk to line break events into multiple lines instead of one line?


I have events coming in all in one line like:

timestamp="2017-5-19 13:00:00.000", level="INFO", machine_name="blahblah1", app="cool_app".  

I'd like to have it separate out like this:

timestamp=2017-5-19 13:00:00.000

How would I go about approaching this? I'm assuming I need to utilize props.conf and transforms.conf to do this.

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I'm not sure why you would want to do this as you will lose the association between the fields. If you really want to try it, props.conf is what you need.

LINE_BREAKER = [\r\n,]+
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I agree with @richgalloway. IMHO, nobody should do this BUT if you do, be aware that you will get a tone of warnings in your logs which say something like "WARN: could not find timestamp; timestamp defaulted to that of the previous event" which is exactly the correct thing to do (but you will not be able to stop the warnings).

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