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How do I prevent Splunkd crashing with memory allocation error?


Hello Splunk ES experts ,

My Splunkd is crashing frequently with below error in crash logs

C++ exception:
typeinfo=0x556c38241c48, name=St9bad_alloc
Exception indicates memory allocation failure

This started after ES app installation . I have checked with free command I have plenty of  memory on the system 32GB and 16 CPU

               total                 used            free                   shared           buff/cache           available
Mem: 32750180     1764936    19979208     17744               11006036         31040488
Swap: 4169724          0                   4169724


Below are my ulimit settings 

splunk soft nofile 65535
splunk hard nofile 65535
splunk soft nproc 65535
splunk hard nproc 65535

Any suggestions please 

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Open a support case.

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I will file it but wanted check with the community is anyone else is also facing the same issue ?

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