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How can I route two types of data to two different non-Splunk TCP ports?


Hi guys

I want to forward some of my data from my indexer to one port on our Rapid7 InsightIDR server, and some of my data to a second port on our Rapid7 InsightIDR server.

This is how I forwarded a subset of my data to one port (outputs.conf):

 server = IP:PORT
 sendCookedData = false

 defaultGroup = rapidreader
 indexAndForward = true
 forwardedindex.0.blacklist = ^((?!alerts|cyberark).)*$

(and I also commented this out in the default outputs:)

#forwardedindex.0.whitelist = .*
#forwardedindex.1.blacklist = _.*
#forwardedindex.2.whitelist = (_audit|_internal|_introspection|_telemetry)

This worked fine. But, how do I do this for two ports? You can't do the following because forwardedindex has to be in the global [tcpout].

defaultGroup = rapidreader1,rapidreader2
indexAndForward = true

server = aserver:10012
sendCookedData = false
forwardedindex.0.blacklist = ^((?!alerts|cyberark).)*$

server = aserver:10013
sendCookedData = false
forwardedindex.0.blacklist = ^((?!asa).)*$
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