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Daily indexing volume limit exceeded today. See License Manager for details



I'm getting this message "Daily indexing volume limit exceeded today. See License Manager for details"

I'm using Splunk on windows how to delete all the indexed data.

Any Help is Appreciated.


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i deleted the folders where my indexed data was stored & the problem is solved.Thank you.

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Was your search capability disabled? If so, deleting indexed data will not solve the problem.
If you still want to delete the indexed data, then you can delete the buckets in the index folders.


Yes the indexing volume is perDay basis. You can index 400MB today and 400MB tomorrow,


The License usage states that 500MB/perDay so can i index 400MB of data today & 400MB of Data tomorrow.

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If your issue is that you have too many violations of the warnings due to indexing too much data over time, you could always re-install splunk and they will dissapear

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