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Can you store data to Splunk without indexing?

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I have data coming from MemSQL. Everything is fine with indexing, but I thought would it be possible to store data without indexing.
If so, how that could be done? Suggestions?

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No, it's not.. Splunk's licensing model is based off index volume per day. If you could onboard data without indexing it, then it would upend Splunk's licensing model

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You can use DBconnect (which I assume you're already using to index the data) to write your queries inline, then simply output to a lookup or KV store (read from that with inputlookup).

| dbxquery query="SELECT list,of,desired,columns,here FROM tableName" connection="YourMemSQLConnectionName" maxrows=100
| outputlookup memSQLQuery.csv


| inputlookup memSQLQuery.csv
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