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Why is shc captain flapping- constant election going on every several minutes?

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index=_internal sourcetype=splunkd NOT info (log_level="WARN" OR log_level="ERROR" OR log_level="CRIT" OR log_level="FATAL") splunksh* component=SHCMasterHTTPProxy log_level=WARN


06-08-2021 17:11:11.735 -0400 WARN SHCMasterHTTPProxy - Low Level http request failure err=failed method=POST path=/services/shcluster/captain/artifacts/dummy/remove_all rc=0 actual_response_code=500 expected_response_code=200 status_line="Internal Server Error" transaction_error="<response>\n <messages>\n <msg type="ERROR">Peer 3AB94F34-364E-450C-81AC-D6E4A2E6018A does not exist. Cannot remove artifacts/sids from all</msg>\n </messages>\n</response>\n"


It happens on all nodes, but more frequent when 2 out of 5 are captains: 52 3253 45 107 3799





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Any updates regarding this? We have the same problem.

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Hello, @kundeng

Did you resolve this probleam? We have the same symptoms in our environment at version 8.1.3.

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