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Folks, while the documentation for things splunklike are usually very good, it is very poor when it comes to using the deployment server feature.

What I am looking for is some help with setting up some serverclasses based upon what types of applications are installed on those servers, and I don't want to deploy applications I want to deploy configurations.

So lets say I designate one server, deploymentserver as my, you guessed it, Deployment Server. I place in splunk_home$/etc/system/local a serverclass.conf. I put a congiguration that says for all deployment clients that have alfresco, please monitor /apps/alfresco/log/alfresco.log.

Can someone provide a very simple, one dimensional example of the above for serverclass.conf? I understand there are many other nuances to it.

Then, on my server that I want to deploy this configuration to, I indicate that I am an alfresco server.

Can someone provide a very simple, one dimensional example of the above as well for my SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/local/deploymentclient.conf file? How do I indicate in this file "I am an alfresco server"?

I will have servers that have multiple applications on them be part of multiple serverclass indicators, and indicate each application in the deplomentclient.conf

Hope someone can help here. Thanks!!

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First you create an app called alfresco that contains at least inputs.conf and put it here:


Then you put something like the following into serverclass.conf:

whitelist.0 = <alfresco_server1_hostname>
whitelist.1 = <alfresco_server2_hostname>

restartSplunkd = true
stateOnClient = enabled

See more here:

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Did you get this working?

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