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I am running a codeigniter (php mvc framework) app and was looking to integrate splunk with the app. I have been experimenting with the javascript sdk and am now looking to get things started with the splunk web framework.

Looking at the examples I noticed there were the required files, I saw some of them in splunk/share/splunk/search_mrsparkle/exposed/js/splunkjs ... am I looking in the right place? Also any help with where I'd put that directory would be very helpful.

Thank you

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Are you looking to integrate Splunk into an existing app that runs outside of the main Splunk UI, or are you looking to create a customized UI inside the main Splunk UI?

If it is the former, I'd recommend looking at the Splunk JS SDK ( and not the Web Framework. The JS SDK was built to provide these capabilities, while the Web Framework is more about creating new custom pages inside the main Splunk UI.

We are looking into the ability to run the Splunk Web Framework outside the main Splunk UI for future versions.

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