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How do I configure Distributed Search Groups for a clustered Indexer environment?


Question: How to configure Distributed Search Groups - distsearch.conf - on a Search head that run searches across both on clustered indexers and non-cluster indexers?

The documentation on "Configure distributed search groups" 1 explains on how to define distributed search groups using distsearch.conf on the Search Head but only for the use case of non-clustered peers/indexers.
However, the documentation mentions the following:

These are some examples of indexer cluster deployments where distributed search groups might be of value:
Search heads that run searches across both an indexer cluster and standalone indexers. You might want to put the standalone indexers into their own group.

We already use this distributed search group feature for non-clustered indexers. However, we haven't been successful in enabling this feature to work for non-clustered and clustered indexers (without using DMC).

default = false
servers = myserver1:8089, myserver2:8089

default = false
servers = myserver3:8089, myserver4:8089

default = false
servers = myserverCluster1:8089, myserverCluster2, myserverCluster3:8089

With a configuration similar to the above we get the warning on the search:

warn : Search filters specified using splunk_server/splunk_server_group do not match any search peer.

Has anyone been successful in configuring Distributed Search Groups for clustered Indexers?


Did you ever manage resolve this?

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i might be mistaken, but i dont think you can do it in an indexer cluster configuration, as the peers and the groups are being inherited from the cluster master, when you connect the search head to it.
as of the example in docs, my understanding is that the clustered indexer are one group and the other indexers are distributed...
would like to learn if there is a way to do it.

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