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Deployment client error for cluster master apps


I have a Cluster Master which is a deployment client as well with the following deploymentclient.conf file.


disabled = false

serverRepositoryLocationPolicy = rejectAlways

repositoryLocation = $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/master-apps


targetUri = index1:8089

Deployment client populates the $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/master-apps correctly, however there are lots of errors in splunkd.log as follows :


02-11-2014 14:41:22.537 +1100 INFO DeployedApplication - Installing app=testapp to='/opt/splunk/etc/master-apps/testapp'

02-11-2014 14:41:22.612 +1100 ERROR DeployedApplication - Failed to install app=/opt/splunk/etc/master-apps/testapp; reason=Application does not exist: testapp

02-11-2014 14:41:22.612 +1100 ERROR DeployedServerclass - name=Cluster_Master Failed to install app=testapp

All splunk instances are VERSION 6.0.1 Build 189883 on REDHAT if this makes a difference.

This also shows up in the Forwarder Management as Deployment Errors !!

Any help would be appreciated

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as a cronjob or something....

for i in `ls /opt/splunk/etc/master-apps/ | grep -v _cluster`; do echo $i; echo ln -sf /opt/splunk/etc/master-apps/$i /opt/splunk/etc/apps/; done

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I had the same problem and it looks like a bug with the way Splunk validates the application installation, as it will look for it on the /opt/splunk/etc/apps directory even though this was overwritten by the deployment.conf file.

My way to make the error go away was to create symbolic links in the /opt/splunk/etc/apps to the applications deployed in the /opt/splunk/etc/master-apps directory. This had to be done for each APP deployed via the deployment server.

In this example, I deployed the TA add-on for SoS using the deployment server to push the APP to the cluster master and from there to the peers.

[LAB]/opt/splunk/etc/apps # ln -s /opt/splunk/etc/master-apps/TA-sos TA-sos
[LAB]/opt/splunk/etc/apps # ls -l TA-sos

lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 34 Jul 8 13:51 TA-sos -> /opt/splunk/etc/master-apps/TA-sos

[LAB]/opt/splunk/etc/apps # ls -ld /opt/splunk/etc/master-apps/TA-sos

drwx------ 7 root root 4096 Jul 8 13:51 /opt/splunk/etc/master-apps/TA-sos

[LAB]/opt/splunk/etc/apps #

This solved the issue (errors are no longer in splunkd.log), but I'm not a big fan of symbolic links and it's a manual step that you need to add to you MOP when deploying these apps; that is making me wonder if it's worth it to manage the cluster apps via the deployment server.

I will try to log a support case for this.

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I am also seeing the same problem with Splunk 6.0.2 on Windows 😞

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This is the serverclass.conf file ..
whitelist.0 =

restartSplunkWeb = 0
restartSplunkd = 0
stateOnClient = enabled

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