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Command "appendcols" has never started searching when i set its unlimited option.

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Hi splunk professionals,

I have 1 Indexer, 2 search head.
From search head, I am having the strange situation that the following search has been never started when the option value of appendcols is set unlimited. Also the search job status is "parsing" eternally.

index=proxy sourcetype=proxy status=200 earleist=1524409200 latest=1524495599
| eval time1=strftime(_time,"%H")
| chart count(status) AS "2018/apl/23" by time1
| appendcols maxtime=0 maxout=0 [search index=proxy sourcetype=proxy status=200 earleist=1524495600 latest=1524581999
| eval time1=strftime(_time,"%H")
| chart count(status) AS "2018/apl/24" by time1 ]

Additionally, I set 720 for the maxtime values in limits.conf.

Is it possible to set an unlimited value for "appendcols"?
Or should I make maxtime values disable in limits.conf

Actually, this search is really slow even if I do not set unlimited values for option.
Any opinion will be appreciated.


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You are over-complicating it; just avoid the whole mess; run this for the last 2 days:

index=proxy sourcetype=proxy status=200
| timechart span=1h count
| eval hour=strftime(_time, "%H")
| eval day=strftime(_time, "%m/%d/%Y")
| chart limit=0 avg(count) BY day hour

You might have to add a reverse along with a tail 2 or a head 2 depending on how things end up.

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Thanks for your great advice and your recommended SPL.

It was better than before, although it is necessary to take time to get search results.
I'm checking disk I/O info and another server problems.
After investigating, I will check search performance again.

Thank a lot.

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If any answer got you what you need, do click Accept to close it.

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What time you are selecting on time picker?

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