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Can I use and deploy Splunk on the internal servers of our company?

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Could you please tell me – can I deploy your product Splunk (used for gathering and analyzing logs) on the internal servers of our company or it’s possible to use only online servers splunk?

I would like to understand whether it’s possible to store logs on the internal servers of our company, not yours.

Thank you!

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Yes, Splunk can be installed on your internal servers, even on desktops/laptops.
- online servers (splunk cloud) is only for some other specific requirements(internal servers not available, just for a Proof of a Concept project, festive sessions load mgmt, etc).

yes, you can index your logs and analyse them. to understand, what types of logs you can monitor, please find this document -

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Yes, you absolutely can install Splunk on your own servers and store your data there. That's the original way Splunk worked and it is still very common. Just go so and click the "Free Splunk" button to begin. Depending on the amount of data you wish to store, you may need to install Splunk on multiple servers.

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