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BundleDataProcessor - File length is greater than 260



We deployed 2 new servers on Linux and cteated from them SHcluster.
dynamic_captain : 1
elected_captain : Wed Feb 2 12:03:47 2022
id : 4F8CBE82-6302-4582-9FB7-48AC452AA43D
initialized_flag : 1
label : sphome5
mgmt_uri : https://%%%%%%%%%
min_peers_joined_flag : 1
rolling_restart_flag : 0
service_ready_flag : 1

label : sphome5
mgmt_uri : https://%%%%%%%%%
mgmt_uri_alias : https://%%%%%%%%%
status : Up
label : sphome6
last_conf_replication : Wed Feb 2 12:07:49 2022
mgmt_uri : https://%%%%%%%%%
mgmt_uri_alias : https://%%%%%%%%%
status : Up

After creating the SHcluster, it is assigned a long ID (4F8CBE82-6302-4582-9FB7-48AC452AA43D).

At now we need add older indexers via Search peers=>new search peers etc.
Older indexers deployed on Windows Servers 2016 and 2019
When I try add new search peer after create i see that replication status is Failed. In file splunkd.log on indexer i see following error:
BundleDataProcessor - File length is greater than 260, File creation may fail for C:\Program Files\Splunk\var\run\searchpeers\4F8CBE82-6302-4582-9FB7-48AC452AA43D-1643781827.82278d5fd22b73a1.tmp\apps\TA-alfa-telegram--connector\bin\ta_alfa_telegram_connector\aob_py2\cloudconnectlib\splunktacollectorlib\data_collection\

How we can change ID SHcluster (6302-4582-9FB7-48AC452AA43D) to shorter?

And additional if is it inposable

Could you please give any recomendation how we can solution this problem?

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couple comments about your environment.

You should use at least 3 members on SHC as otherwise RAFT didn’t work when your SHC try to do captain election if one member goes down.

It’s against splunk recommendation/requirements to use Linux and Windows nodes on same cluster. So you should change indexer peers also to Linux.

If you want you could try this to allow more than 260 character long file names with path on windows, BUT do it on your own risk! 
r. Ismo

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