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view hangs when using layoutpanel value of resultsAreaLeft or sidebar

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When I specify a layout of either reslutsAreaLeft or sidebar in one of my views, the view hangs. It mostly loads, then displays a 'loading' message that never goes away. I cannot find any documentation that would indicate that either of these layouts would require any special configuration. Does any have any suggestions?

I see this error in the error console:

Timestamp: 12/7/2012 3:54:00 PM
Error: Error: Could not find module class instance for DOM ID=EnablePreview_1_9_0 (21 modules total).
Source File:
Line: 12085

Here is the representative code:

Previous week


        <module name="SearchBar"  autoRun="true" layoutPanel="panel_row1_col1">
            <module name="SimpleResultsTable" layoutPanel="sidebar">
                <param name="fields">_raw</param>
            <module name="SimpleResultsTable" layoutPanel="panel_row1_col2">
                <param name="fields">_raw</param>

        </module> <!-- End SearchBar-->
    </module> <!-- End HiddenSearch-->
</module> <!-- End TimeRangePicker-->

its nonsensical, but it is representative of what I am trying to do.

Originally, I was trying to display a FieldPicker module and it wouldn't display at all - that's how I stumbled on these potential layout values.

Interestingly enough, I tried the 'search' example from the UI Examples - I just copied the source from that and put it into a view in my app. Of course, the example worked in the context of the UI Example app, but it did not work in my app(hangs as I initially described), which I take to imply that there is more configuration involved


It's because you're using the "dashboard" template, and resultsAreaLeft and sidebar are panels only available in the "search" template. I agree the error messaging here should be better.

And the docs page ( http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/5.0.4/AdvancedDev/AdvancedSearch#Results_layout_panels ) actually neglects to mention that the set of layoutPanels available differs between the templates.


same question. Also if there's a "loading" message then there will be a JS error in the console (Tools > Error Console). Can you look for that too? Posting the view somewhere like pastebin would be very helpful too.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

What module are you adding to the resultsAreaLeft?

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