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layoutPanel for universal footer?

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I'd like to add a ServerSideInclude module to each of my custom views to reference an HTML file for a common footer. The trouble is, I need a layoutPanel. Some of my views utilize the dashboard template, and others utilize the search template. In neither can I see a layoutPanel item for a footer. Am I missing something? Is there some easy, universal way to add chrome for the footer?

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Re: layoutPanel for universal footer?


No im afraid there is not a layoutPanel for any kind of footer. However custom CSS can close a lot of this gap for you.

It seems clear from the question that you're working in the advanced XML, but correct me if Im wrong.

In views that use the search template, the last module rendered into the resultsAreaLeft layoutPanel can act as a footer. If your view uses the 'sidebar' panel then this would be a little trickier but still doable.

And as for the dashboard template, you could have a convention of always putting the 'footer' ServerSideInclude into something like panel_row_20_col1 - that will give it it's own bordered panel and presumably it'll always be the lowest on the page, and then you just have to write some custom CSS to make all the border styling of that particular panel id go away.

And a third way is if you actually want a footer that's a) always visible and b) always stuck to the bottom edge of the browser window,

Put a ServerSideInclude module anywhere on the page, have a <div class="customFooter"> in it, and in your application.css you could then have this:

.customFooter {
    padding:2px 10px;
div.layout {

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