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I want to make a dashboard,which could link to the Show Source page. Because my clients want to see the text before and after the query within a transaction, and he was not very familiar with splunk.Above all, we could not know the keyword ,which would be use in the transaction,because we have lots of keyword may be used ,so that we could not make a transaction before.In fact,We enter some keyword in the search box, randomly,and then find all the matching event.My clients want to see the context of each event.I think ,make a drilldown maybe solve the problem,however I donot know how to link the Show Source page.By sid?I donot konw.

    $Show  Source page$
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you will have to use the ID of your view not name of your view.

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Thanks for your help.I think ID maybe best .But,could you give me an example to explain ?

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