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What are some recommended third party visualization tools to help analyze Splunk data?

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I am trying to find some visualization tools to help analyze my Splunk data. I have tried Microsoft's Power BI Tools, however, I am not completely sold on them.

Any help is appreciated!


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What are some recommended third party visualization tools to help analyze Splunk data

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@praveen_ please elaborate your question around your visualization needs. Splunk's Custom Visualization API was released only with 6.4 in 2016 and was modified in 6.5 which is still in use. Splunk Custom Visualization API lets you integrate any visualization in Splunk using JS frameworks like D3, Highcharts etc.

You can check out Custom Visualizations on Splunkbase which have already been built using the same API, most of them Splunk Built and Splunk Appinspect passed.

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you can try Tableau

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Did you tried NVD3 charts http://nvd3.org/ ?
Starting from Splunk 6.0 you can build your own visualization using Web Framework Toolkit application.

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Some of the searches/reports that I use don't visualize in Splunk's visualization.

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what are you missing in splunk own vizualisation?

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