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Using dbinspect, how to show space used as a percentage?

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I'm using a gauge in a dashboard which is showing space used by total size on disk:

| dbinspect index=* OR index=_* | where splunk_server like("splunkindexername%")    | eval SizeOnDiskGB=sizeOnDiskMB/1024    | eval RawSizeGB=rawSize/1024/1024/1024    | stats sum(SizeOnDiskGB) AS TotalSizeOnDiskGB     | eval TotalSizeOnDiskGB=round(TotalSizeOnDiskGB, 0)   | gauge TotalSizeOnDiskGB 0 42000 51000 60000

I want to show percentage of space used instead.. Any ideas?


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You will of course need either a figure of the available space or knowledge of the total size of the disk. When you have that, it's a simple thing such as

your_search_without_gauge | eval percent_used=TotalSizeOnDiskGB/(freeSpaceGB+TotalSizeOnDiskGB)


your_search_without_gauge | eval percent_used=TotalSizeOnDiskGB/totalDiskGB

From there you could output percent_used to a single value display.

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