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Token values not getting initialized on page reload

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I am having a problem with the token initialization in my dashboard. Here is a snippet of my dashboard. The problem comes for the token spd_cft_id. It depends on the previous token and hence for the moment i just mapped the previous token value. When i do the changes to the code and save it, it works, but when i open the dashboard in a new page or refresh the page, it does not work. The panel hangs saying waiting for input. I tried to set the tokens in init tags as well, but still the same behavior. Am i missing something ? could you please provide some pointers. Thanks


<form theme="dark" refresh="60">
<fieldset submitButton="false" autoRun="true">
<input type="dropdown" token="envspd" searchWhenChanged="true">
<choice value="r">PROD</choice>
<choice value="i">INDUS</choice>
<choice value="a">ACCEPTANCE</choice>
<choice value="d">DEV</choice>
<condition value="d">
<set token="spd_idx">igs</set>
<condition value="a">
<set token="spd_idx">idgs</set>
<condition value="i">
<set token="spd_idx">idogs</set>
<set token="spd_cft_idx">idinel</set>
<set token="spd_cft_src">dbnel*</set>
<set token="spd_tws_cpu">IA23*</set>
<condition value="r">
<set token="spd_idx">idgs</set>
<set token="spd_cft_idx">idl</set>
<set token="spd_cft_src">del*</set>
<set token="spd_tws_cpu">RA2*</set>
<input type="dropdown" token="instancespd" searchWhenChanged="true">
<choice value="ple">PLE</choice>
<choice value="tce">TCE</choice>
<choice value="acj">ACJ</choice>
<choice value="core">CORE</choice>
<condition value="core">
<set token="spd_stype">st_splunklog</set>
<condition value="acj">
<set token="spd_stype">st_acj_splunklog</set>
<condition value="tce">
<set token="spd_stype">st_ple_splunklog</set>
<condition value="ple">
<eval token="spd_cft_id">$envspd$</eval>
<set token="spd_file_id">PE</set>
<set token="spd_in_file_count">5</set>
<set token="spd_stype">st_tce_splunklog</set>



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