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Sticky Calendar in a Dashboard



I have a dashboard with an element that present a result for a specific date. To make it as easy as possible for the user, I would like to have a sticky calendar just beside the results, so that the user easily could click on another day to get the results for that specific day. 

Instead of using external JS libraries, is it possible to re-use the internal calendar that is already there? Without the whole shebang around it?  Looking at the included image; I would like to just have the calendar-part as a sticky calendar in the dashboard, without the whole "select time" framework around it.


  • Is this possible? How?
  • If this is not possible, any suggestion on how to achieve similar results without using external libraries? JS and/or CSS in the XML-file, is ok. 

Photos to better explain what I am thinking about: 


Take just this calendar (reuse code already included in Splunk?), and use it in a dashboard like this:


The goal is that the user only clicks on the date, and then get the result for that day (this is just a mock-up to illustrate what I am looking for).

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