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Single token for multiple values in a dashboard


Hello All,

Below is the format of my queries in single dashboard:

index=xyz $abc$ $abc1$

index=xyz $def$

abc,abc1 & def are not the same, my requirement is, i need to create a single drop down, based on each selection all three different tokens need to be assigned.

How can i achieve this, your input will be greatly helpful.

Thanks in advance!


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Are you saying you'd like a multi-select dropdown menu from which the user can choose three items, and then somehow these three selections will be assigned to $abc$, $abc1$, and $def$? That's possible to code, but you'd need to define how the selections would get assigned to each variable. For example, would the first selection automatically be assigned to $abc$, the second to $abc1$, and the third to $def$?

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