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New button next to edit and export button


i want to create a new button and place it in the row where default(EDIT, Export) button present.
the new button will be hyper link .

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Here is a slightly different version with jQuery.

 'splunkjs/mvc/simplexml/ready!'], function (_, $, mvc) {
    var objEditMenu=$("div.dashboard-header-editmenu");
    if (objEditMenu!==undefined){
        $('<a target="_blank" class="btn edit-btn anchor-right" style="float: right;margin-right: 10px;" href="https://google.com">Google</a>').insertAfter('div.dashboard-header-editmenu');
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This works perfectly, thanks!

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create a example.js file at app_name/appserver/static location, and add the following code,

 ], function(mvc) {

    var x = document.getElementsByClassName("dashboard-view-controls");
    var y = "<a class=\"btn\" href=\"https://www.google.com\" target=\"_blank\">Extra Button</a>\n";
    x[0].innerHTML = y + x[0].innerHTML;


Include this script on your dashboard XML and it's done - <dashboard script="example.js">
You can change values in var y according to your requirement.

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happy splunking......!! 🙂


This works well, but in my case it creates an undesired effect: the Export button on the right side of the Edit button stops working.

Using Splunk 7.3.2 with Chrome Version 79.0.3945.117

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