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Increase the drop down width

I have a dropdown code as below.

<input type="dropdown" token="user1" searchWhenChanged="true" style="width:700px;">

  <label>Select The KPI</label>

 <default>DropDown Title</default>

<choice value="1">dropdown element no one</choice>

<choice value="2">dropdown element no two</choice>

<choice value="3">dropdown element no third</choice>

<choice value="4">dropdown element no. fourth- with no data call stack </choice>


On selection of a longer content, such as "dropdown element no. fourth- with no data call stack". The dropdown doesnt show the entire string.

alt text
Is there any way to increase the width size of dropdown, so as to achieve this.

Please Help...!!!

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Re: Increase the drop down width

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

See this http://answers.splunk.com/answers/114078/splunk-6-dropdown-menu-decrease-width.html

Alternatively, you can use the !important tag to supercharge any default CSS settings (thanks to Johan!).
Put this directly in the .css referenced in your dashboard:
.select2-container{min-width:500px !important;margin-bottom:8px;}

For a multiselect dropdown:
.select2-container-multi{min-width:500px !important;margin-bottom:8px;}

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