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How to view a created dashboard without logging into Splunk


Hi Team,


Can someone let me know how to view a created dashboard without logging into Splunk. 
Requirement is all the users or non splunk users (Globally) has to view the splunk dashboard using the url.

Went through some documentation on Embed  scheduled reports and also through an addon embedded dashboard for splunk but its not working. And we are using Splunk 8.1.1 

Can we just make a dashboard public ( need to access just using the url of the required dashboard) without making changes in the server level . 


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If you just want to show your Dashboard to others as you see in splunk and do not want to use edit option while showing it to them, why not just take a screenshot of your Dashboard and send it to them or export the dashboard to PDF.

--> give a try to this one 😅😅, Just right click on your dashboard on browser and click Save As and then share that html file to whoever you want to show.
I am new to splunk, I don't know how to help you yet, it is just a suggestion.

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This answer may help: https://community.splunk.com/t5/Dashboards-Visualizations/How-can-I-embed-a-Splunk-dashboard-on-an-e...

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