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How to use the eval replace function in dashboard xml


Note this question relates to the replace eval function, not the replace search command. I've been referring to the documentation in https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/6.5.2/SearchReference/CommonEvalFunctions

My requirement is to take a list of space-delimited values in an input field and turn it into a comma-separated list for passing to the search For example, a b c d in the input should be transformed to ('a','b','c','d'). Here's my input definition from the dashboard:

 <input type="text" searchWhenChanged="false" token="order_number">
  <label>Order Number</label>
    <eval token="order_number_q">if($value$=="","","('"+replace(ltrim(rtrim($value$))," +","','")+"') ")</eval>

The issue is that only the first instance of the space is replaced - so with my example above I'm ending up with ('a','b c d')

Documentation on the replace evaluation function is light, and I haven't found anyone else in Splunk Answers experiencing this behavior.

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Have you tried replacing the space character with \s?

     <eval token="order_number_q">if($value$=="","","('"+replace(ltrim(rtrim($value$)),"\s+","','")+"') ")</eval>

It's possible the space is getting borked somehow via XML.

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Could you use split?

*|eval inputfield="a b c d"|eval temp=split(inputfield," ") | eval outputfield=mvindex(temp,0).",".mvindex(temp,1).",".mvindex(temp,2).",".mvindex(temp,3)|table inputfield outputfield

this produces

inputfield | outputfield
a b c d | a,b,c,d
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I should point out that a b c d could be a b c d e f -- I need to keep this solution general to accept any number of space-separated inputs. Your solution looks like it would need to fix the number of outputs.

I note that replace does work as I would have expected in the context of a search, like this:

*|eval inputfield="a b c d"|eval outputfield="('"+replace(inputfield," ","'','")+"')" |table inputfield outputfield

but it does not in the context of a dashboard input.

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