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Could I pass tokens between navigation menus?


I have 2 custom navigation menus other than search and dashboards and both of these 2 custom navigations have different XML files with similar tokens.

So, if I select a value for a token/dropdown on 1st navigation menu option, and then if I click on 2nd navigation menu option, can that selected token value be passed to the 2nd navigation menu filter?

Is this possible? any workaround?


Can you please explain your requirement in detail. Your requirement is not clear.

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i have 2 navigation menus. each navigation menu has few dropdown tokens where i can select value. So if i select a token/dropdown in one of the navigation menu dashboard, and then when i click on the 2nd navigation menu , can i pass the token i selected from previous navigation menu ?

i could pass tokens between dashboards using the drilldown option. but is it possible with navigation menus ?

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