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How to set 2 X-Axis Values in a Chart?

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Hey everyone,

Currently making a report for my team that requires to have two X-Axis values based on the excel sheet shared with me. Below are some screenshots of the desired output, my progress so far, and search query based on what I have learned so far.

The goal:


What I am familiar with using chart in the search:


My search string


| eval DATE=strftime(strptime(DATE,"%d%b%Y"),"%Y-%m-%d")
| eval _time=strptime(DATE." ","%Y-%m-%d")
| where _time >= strptime("$from$", "%m/%d/%Y") AND _time <= strptime("$to$", "%m/%d/%Y")
| eval epochtime=strptime(TIME, "%H:%M:%S")| eval desired_time=strftime(epochtime, "%I:%M:%S %p")
| chart sum(VIO_PAGING_SEC) as "$lpar$ Sum of VIO_PAGING_SEC" sum(SYSTEM_PAGEFAULTS_SEC) as "$lpar$ SYSTEM_PAGEFAULTS_SEC" sum(SWAP_PAGIN_SEC) as "$lpar$ SWAP_PAGIN_SEC" sum(LOCAL_PAGEFAULTS_SEC) as "$lpar$ LOCAL_PAGEFAULTS_SEC" over desired_time


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This is not possible with standard charts

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Is there a way to implement not using charts with the default Splunk dashboard capabilities?

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