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How to develop & integrate candlestick chart into splunk dashboard?


Refer to the log file content below:

2021-02-10 open 5.677 close 5.797  high 5.85 low 5.677 vol 945320.188

2021-02-09 open 5.547 close 5.67 high 5.67 low 5.533 vol 1546947.875

... ...

How to display the candlestick chart on the splunk dashboard with this data source?

Splunk is an extremely powerful tool, we heavily rely on splunk to visualize the stock market with massive data source.

However the classic line chart is not enough to visualize all the information so we are looking forward to show it in CandleStick chart.

If there's not an existing one, how can we develop one from scratch and add to splunk dashboard?


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I'm not aware of an available candlestick chart.  See https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/SplunkCloud/latest/AdvancedDev/CustomVizTutorial for how to create your own.

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