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Hello All,

I created the user manual for the dashboard and wanted to place the file on the Splunk server and to place a link for it on the dashboard.
I was surprised when I didn't find appropriate information in the Splunk docs.

I spent some time and found the following solution:

  • Copy the file to the appserver/static folder (for example I use the search app and the file name usermanual.pdf): /opt/splunk/etc/apps/search/appserver/static/docs/usermanual.pdf
  • In the dashboard xml file place the following module: <![CDATA[ User Manual ]]> I hope this information will be useful for someone else.

Best regards, Artem.

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How to add something similar to alert reports ???
Say suppose if i get error="CPU load high" i would like to send a word document attached with alert email. How to achieve this.?
Please reply it will be a great help.


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Thanks Artem,

This was a great help for me as i was looking to do something like this.


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Thank you for sharing.

I once came across the following documentation which might be related to what you did, maybe this will also help someone.

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